The Extraordinary General Meeting of Sika AG brought an unprecedented chapter in the history of the Swiss business community to a close, one that had given rise to many different communication stories. It began in December 2014 with the planned takeover of the voting majority by French competitor Saint-Gobain. At the time, the Board of Directors and management of Sika quickly came to the conclusion that the planned takeover lacked any industrial logic and therefore could not be in the interest of the Zug-based construction chemicals group.

This was the beginning of a spectacular legal dispute lasting around three-and-a-half years between the Sika management under the leadership of Board Chairman Paul Hälg on the one side, and the Burkard family shareholders and Saint-Gobain on the other. The sometimes passionate communication and the highly emotional general meetings were external signs of the great importance of the issues involved.

In this context, representing their own position to all stakeholders clearly, precisely and effectively was a prime communicative challenge for those responsible at Sika, and one which they mastered superbly. The recent settlement of the legal dispute is a well-deserved reward for the commitment and courage of all those involved at Sika. Farner is proud to have had the privilege of accompanying Sika through this exhausting conflict.

Contact: Dominic Thalmann