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Farner Lab opens a window on our technological future

Farner’s Innovation Lab provides a platform for innovation and project processes with access to a specialised network of experts. The Farner Lab is the first fully operational Innovation Lab by a Swiss communications agency and enables Farner to team up with specialised partners from the field of science and the technology sector.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Voice-as-an-Interface: new technologies are increasingly shaping everyday life and the relationships between organisations and their stakeholders. The Farner Lab creates a bridge between companies and the vast opportunities presented by technological change. The agency’s clients are able to try out the new possibilities in the context of interdisciplinary pilot projects, as well as testing prototypes and gathering strategically relevant experience for the future.

With over 160 guests, the grand opening of the Farner Lab was a complete success.

The Farner Lab “lives” online and publishes its own newsletter.

Contact: Urs Bucher

Farner Election Help Box: your election – our service

2019 is an election year – for the members of the National Council and Council of States, the governments and parliaments in various cantons and also political bodies in cities and municipalities. All across Switzerland, candidates are currently being nominated. Will you be running for a seat on the National Council, Council of States or Municipal Parliament? Or are you actively campaigning on behalf of specific candidates or a political grouping? If so, we recommend you take a look at the Farner Election Help Box.

Every election campaign is exciting, but at the same time demands plenty of resources. Besides the Farner Election Help Box, Farner’s specialists support you with a precisely targeted campaign strategy and personal campaign experience. Position yourself and your messages on the most effective channels at just the right time, giving you a critical edge over your competitors. With Farner, you’ve chosen the right partner for your election campaign.

Contact: Michel Grunder

Effective concepts thanks to Metaplan workshops

Complexity, uncertainty, contradictions – “off the peg” communication doesn’t work any more. It takes a variety of perspectives and experiences to create successful solutions. Farner’s answer is co-creation.

At Farner, communication concepts are not created in solitary backrooms. Our consultants work closely with experts on the client’s side in workshops. When hammering out a change-communication concept, for example, we integrate the client’s knowledge from the areas of communication, HR and project work with our expertise in change, creation and digital.

When we facilitate workshops, we often use the tried-and-tested Metaplan Method, which makes it possible to lead discussions in a very results-focused manner and to visualise them continuously. Through this approach, different perspectives come to light, conflicts of objectives are addressed and viable solutions elaborated. This gives rise to effective communication concepts that the client can implement seamlessly.

Metaplan is running two courses at Farner in Zurich in 2019:

  • 12/13 March: Metaplan Moderation Compact Training
  • 25/25 June: Lateral Leadership

Contact: Cordula Rieger

Conversion Rate Optimisation for World Vision Switzerland

What is the most efficient way for organisations to get the people that are interested in a product or service to take a desired action? With the data-based tactics of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), prospective customers are motivated to act step by step and with little effort – be it contact enquiries or offer queries, purchases or downloads, newsletter subscriptions or event registrations.

The child welfare organisation World Vision Switzerland asked Farner to help motivate more people in Switzerland to sponsor children. Farner used the CRO platform from Visual Website Optimizer to perform an A/B test on the website www.worldvision.ch. We did this through a multi-stage process which involved holding internal and external workshops, carrying out web analyses and analysing user journeys. On this basis, we formulated 25 hypotheses which we ordered by priority. Farner then tested a new user journey for 50% of website visitors using a website overlay that included more background information on child sponsorship

Due to the more informative user journey, the decision rate for child sponsorships increased by more than 20%.

Contact: Daniel Jörg

SBB employees move Switzerland

In the battle for the best employees, employers need to come up with innovative ideas and find new ways of recruiting. This is equally true for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Working with SBB, Farner has created a multilevel recruitment campaign, emphasising the wide range of job profiles on offer and their social, economic and cultural relevance for Switzerland.

The campaign features employees talking about all the things people learn and achieve as they grow into adulthood. And motivates them to invest the skills they have acquired in a meaningful and fulfilling professional activity: “You’ve invested a lot in yourself. Do something big. Help us move Switzerland.”

The campaign centres around employee portraits and image films that are used on numerous channels. Corinne Kuhn, Lead Employer Branding at SBB: “In our new campaign, it was important to us that it was the employees who provided insights into our exciting worlds of work.”

SBB has broken new ground in recruitment with the pop-up Berufswelten (“World of Work”) Café at Zurich Central Station. Over four weeks, SBB is not just serving coffee here, but also showing the diversity of the 150+ professions represented in the company. The social TV format “MerciTivi” rounded off the campaign: it let commuters throughout Switzerland thank SBB staff for their professional dedication.

Contact: Philipp Skrabal

Farner develops talent

Farner is committed to the development of its own employees. At the beginning of 2019, with a total of 13 promotions, the agency ensured that talented staff are able to gradually develop and take on more responsibility in client relations. In addition, the team is expanded with new members as the need arises.

Three senior consultants have joined Farner as deputy managers of a business unit:

  • Myriam Delouvrier, Deputy Regional Manager Lausanne
  • Irena Grunder, Deputy Regional Manager Bern
  • Christoph Emch, Deputy Unit Manager Digital & Research

Ivan Jäggi was promoted to senior consultant in the Public Affairs Unit. On 1 January 2019, the Change unit gained a new senior consultant and welcomed Adrian Kohler as a permanent member of the Farner team.

Isabel Schorer joined the management team on 1 January 2019 as regional manager for St. Gallen.

Contact: Roman Geiser