“Me, invest money? Much too complicated! And you probably need lots of money first.” This is the kind of argument you hear from many Swiss people who shy away from investing money. How can these fears be overcome and potential investors be empowered?

With our customer PostFinance, Farner is tackling this topic using data-based content marketing. The solution: a multimedia content hub. For this purpose we analysed people’s online search behaviour in the related areas, plus the most easily found content and the most moving and most frequently shared articles. From this, we distilled relevant insights for an informative, empowering content hub for investment-related topics. In addition to the strategic marketing of content, we gauge its performance and continuously optimise it. And the result? The average growth in clicks on the PostFinance Content Hub is 25% per month – all entirely organic, with no paid online advertising.

Two further content hubs dealing with the topics of money and business were recently launched.

Contact: Christoph Emch

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