How can you tell that communication and marketing departments are harnessing the potential of influencer marketing? Because the discussion of the topic becoming increasingly rooted in practice: How can fake followers be identified? What can be learned from YouTubers who entertain a million people? How can the influence of influencers be measured?

This year, Farner is placing a special focus on influencer marketing. We are investing very purposefully in the moderated exchange of experience between influencers, brands and companies.

Our Grips & Chips event «Influencer Marketing mit Impact: Was sich Brands und Influencer zu sagen haben» got the discussion going. There was general agreement among the participants that strategic influencer marketing generates brand trust and shapes purchasing decisions. Selecting the right influencers is critical to success. Farner outlines in a blog post how to find influencers and decide whether influencers are suitable to work with or not.

Farner also supports the “Tubecon Industry Day”, which is due to take place in the context of “Tubecon Switzerland” at the Indoor Stadium in Zurich on 17 May 2019. Here PR, advertising and marketing professionals can interact with influencers and content creators, gain first-hand insights and expand their networks. Tickets for “Tubecon Switzerland” are already available online.

At Tubecon, we will present initial results from a study that examines the relationship triangle of Brand, Influencers and Followers. Farner conducted the study in conjunction with the University of Lucerne and the LINK Institute.

Contact: Olivia DeubelbeissDaniel Jörg

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