Farner is “closer”: to engender trust, to move people, to have an impact. Farner is likewise “closer” to the regions and markets of Switzerland with a total of seven locations. There have recently been changes in Ticino, now that Farner’s long-time representative, Marco Werder, has been appointed CEO of the ice-hockey club HC Lugano.

Farner and the Ticino agency SRI have signed an exclusive partnership agreement. This means that Farner can continue to offer the full range of communication services in Italian-speaking Switzerland too.

The nine-strong SRI team is headed up by Fabio Corti in Chiasso. SRI supports companies and organisations in all areas, e.g. corporate and brand strategy, public affairs and corporate communications, corporate social responsibility and reputation management, stakeholder management and customer satisfaction analyses, internal communications and organisational development, events and social media marketing.

With the broad service portfolio and a shared understanding of communication, Farner is able to serve national and international clients even more comprehensively and offer a dense network of contacts to media, politics and business in Ticino.

Contact: Michel Grunder

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