The financial technology company Sygnum represents a milestone in the evolution of the financial industry: Sygnum is the first digital asset bank in the world to be awarded a banking and securities dealer licence from the Swiss Financial Market Regulator, FINMA. Digital assets are now fully bankable for the first time. This makes the Blockchain universe accessible to institutional investors in a new, trustworthy way.

Farner has been providing Sygnum with close strategic and operational support in all communication matters for over a year now. Working with the leadership team, the foundations of the positioning were laid, core messages drafted, storylines developed, media releases written – always with the long-term communication goals in mind.

The focused media relations had an impact: all the major financial media in Switzerland and many international media reported on the licensing of Sygnum, which earned over 300 clippings worldwide in a short space of time. This result of a close and cooperative partnership gives Sygnum a dominant positioning in the long-term perspective with respect to its potential customers and in the media.

Contact: Marcus Balogh

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