On behalf of a well-known healthcare company, Farner developed a voice strategy in our own lab and created a voice assistant prototype. The voice strategy shows how the increasing number of voice user interfaces impacts a company’s core business.

A voice strategy developed by Farner helps the companies to use voice to make their offerings genuinely helpful to people – in healthcare, for example. And it also provides answers to questions such as: how can an offering be found on the internet when Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant only recommend the top result?

Although voice assistants are still in their infancy in Switzerland, examples from the USA and UK show us what we can soon expect to happen here. In the USA, 26% of the population already own and use smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa; this is true of 15% in the UK. The use of voice assistants is not limited to smart speakers. These assistants are found in all smart phones, where they are frequently used – in Switzerland too, as the first study by Farner on the topic has found.

Contact: Markus Maurer

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