Over the past 20 years, the Fondation Beyeler has evolved into Switzerland’s most popular art museum. This year, the Foundation organised an exhibition celebrating the life and work of artist extraordinaire Pablo Picasso.

Working with their client of many years, Farner developed an exciting quiz for art lovers from Switzerland and regions of southern Germany and France that border on Basel, to drum up enthusiasm for the exhibition. Farner publicised the quiz through Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads. This performance-marketing campaign was backed by Google search ads and remarketing to the quiz participants.

Throughout the entire campaign, the Return On Ad Spend from ticket sales amounted to a staggering 1,272.1%. The quiz was completed by a total of 12,804 people, of whom around 6,000 culture lovers signed up for the Fondation Beyeler newsletter.

Contact: Nicolas Glauser

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