Beyond the tip of the iceberg 

How to find the right influencers for your marketing campaign 

Influencer marketing is on the rise in Switzerland. The market volume is expected to rise to CHF 35 million this year. This is almost twice as much as in the previous year. However, the authenticity of influencers is often not easy to spot on a first look. Anyone thinking about spending money on influencer marketing should take a close look at who they are hiring. But what information should you look at and, above all, how do you find it? With this report, we set out to provide our readers with the most current Instagram influencers insights and benchmarks. The market for influencer marketing is quite opaque. There is a constant flow of new influencers that proudly present their follower figures and engagement rates. The native search function on Instagram is not useful to find influencers along the right criteria and the tools that already exist are mostly hand picked and thus limited in scope. As a result, most Swiss brands work with the same 300-500 top influencers. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. For this report we’ve created an extensive ranking of over 400 Instagram Influencers. At this point we are publishing the top 50 Swiss Instagram influencers ranked by their Audience Quality Score (AQS). This measure is an approximation for the authenticity of a specific Instagram influencer that is based on how many “real” followers, engagements and comments the account in question has. Not scoring in the top of this list does not automatically mean that an influencer is not authentic or actively cheating. Instagram influencers do not have control over the accounts that follow them, comment or engage with their posts. That is especially true for popular accounts with many followers. Using AQS for influencer selection cannot replace the necessary qualitative assessment of the influencers you want to use. It does not replace personal contact and due diligence, but it does considerably widen the pool of influencers you should have a closer look at compared to other tools. 


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